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I started my first facebook page, Trying God’s Patience, at the end of October 2011, and as at the end of 2012 it had near-on 75,000 followers. It started more-or-less as an experiment, but with every new comment from its readers, it took on its own life.

– Every day, someone says “that was just what I needed to hear right now” and every day someone posts on the page and says “thanks”.

– Occasionally, someone writes “F@$& God”, or “F%&@ You” on the page. I’ve learnt to leave them to God and delete them.

– Occasionally, someone wants an argument; I’ve mostly learnt to stop giving them one, but there’s sometimes a fine balance between explaining  and getting caught up in someone’s own issue.

– I’ve learnt I have a responsibility to care for everyone, including the angry people.

– I’ve learnt to be a good host.

– I’ve discovered other pages purporting to be peace-loving and inspirational like to unabashedly pinch the posts I’ve spent hours on, sometimes even deleting or photoshopping out the logos I’ve taken to adding.  I haven’t yet outed the rotten sods, but I’m considering it.

(This doesn’t include those pages who’ve picked something up from round-about – because some of the pics have spread like wild fire – who are usually more than happy to give credit where credit’s due.)   I remind myself daily to not be so precious.

– I’ve learnt that whereas my page is special to me and I like to imagine the people visiting it are guests in my home, I don’t have an expectation that any of them think that way – that’s okay – but a few are really bad guests,


     If you don’t like the cake, don’t say so, just don’t eat it / If you don’t like the view, don’t say so, smile at your host instead / If you don’t agree with your host, don’t tell them they’re wrong, say you don’t agree / Don’t steal the silver / Say please and thank you / If you have to go to the bathroom, clean up your collateral whiz (and any other mess), and please wash your hands / Your host has baked especially for you – don’t vomit on their rug.

– I’ve learnt more diplomacy than in all my years being a parent and a businesswoman.

– I’ve re-affirmed a lot of things I already knew, including

….sadly, too many people don’t understand irony,

….that no matter how funny something is, someone will always want to take it seriously,

….that no matter how brilliant and meaningful a quote is, someone will always want to argue the exception instead of taking what wisdom they can,

….that people are people wherever they’re from, and regardless of any other factor, each one deserves courtesy and love,

– I’ve learnt that some people refuse to feel joy, but that most people are incredibly enthusiastic at any opportunity to share in it.

– I’ve learnt that people really do want meaningful inspiration – not crystals and unicorns, not trite lines – but real knowledge and understanding of God and the universe, and to share the thoughts of the World’s greatest thinkers, writers, philosophers and prophets.

– Just when I think I know exactly what the most inspirational post is going to be for people, I post a lemon; or something I thought was average totally hits the spot.

I’m enjoying the ride and I’m grateful for the inspiration, fun and laughter those twelve thousand give me every day.  I have my special favourites, but it’s a secret – I so love when they appear.  xoxo

PS: After TGP was hacked at New Year 2013, I started my new page Sue Fitzmaurice which is now my main facebook home.  TGP didn’t seem the same, even after I got it back off the hackers after a week or so, and I’ve given it to friends with a penchant for religious unity, etc.  xo

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FarzanaJanuary 23, 2012 at 1:34 amReply

Thank you for all your posts. Everyday I look forward to seeing each and every post. I may not agree with some, but I appreciate all the creativity that goes into them. I appreciate how you have included all religions, faiths and views. Super work!

Trying God’s PatienceJanuary 23, 2012 at 12:56 pmReply

Thanks, Farzana. xoxo

EJJanuary 23, 2012 at 1:45 amReply

Happy Sunday #He is EveryWhere.

Emma Ann WeatherlyJanuary 23, 2012 at 2:49 amReply

Wise words!
And Congratulations on your many, many followers! Wow – so impressive!
I’ve just gone a little over 227, and began my page & blog in April. So you are doin’ awesome, Girl!

Trying God’s PatienceJanuary 23, 2012 at 12:55 pmReply

Oh I think I spotted you a while back, Emma – ‘wine before five’ – will have another looksie. Good luck! xoxo

Jennifer DelaneyJanuary 23, 2012 at 2:50 amReply

I love this page! I can find something that hits the spot “her and there” on OTHER pages but THIS page is spot on everyday, EVERYDAY I can find something that relates to how I’m feeling & sometimes even puts me in check (what’s truly important, how you treat others, friend or foe…etc). WHOOPSIES… at times I’ll use your pictures/posts as my profile pic. without asking, SORRY! I’ll ask from this point forward but I do give you props on my page stating where I found this amazing new profile pic (for what it’s worth 🙂 Thank you Trying God’s Patience you’re doing GREAT

Trying God’s PatienceJanuary 23, 2012 at 12:55 pmReply

Thanks Jennifer. You’re really welcome. xo

Jennifer DelaneyJanuary 23, 2012 at 2:52 amReply

“here and there” ….pfffff

Trying God’s PatienceJanuary 23, 2012 at 12:54 pmReply

ha! i knew what you meant 😀

Susie WallaceJanuary 23, 2012 at 3:18 amReply

So enjoy your post, please keep them up. I do share alot of them and that way my friends and can enjoy them too. Keep up the great work.

Trying God’s PatienceJanuary 23, 2012 at 12:54 pmReply

Sharing is great, Susie; it’s the other pages – not individual people – that I get cross with. Thank you for being part of the family! xo

DavidJanuary 23, 2012 at 5:58 amReply

You keep right on keeping on! Your posts are insightful and uplifting but my favorites are the ones that make me smile!

Thank you!

Trying God’s PatienceJanuary 23, 2012 at 12:53 pmReply

Thanks, David! 😀

KelleyJanuary 23, 2012 at 9:17 amReply

I truly appreciate this. I lost my sister to
cancer 3 years ago. These thoughtful, funny, sad, adorable photos and quotes…make me think, laugh and cry. The perfect recipe to combat grief. Thanks for the good medicine!

Trying God’s PatienceJanuary 23, 2012 at 12:52 pmReply

Thank you, Kelley. Our lives are full of sadness and joy; there’s no escaping it. But if we can uplift each other, then we make the world a better place. xoxo

Shreya ShangariJanuary 23, 2012 at 11:32 amReply

It’s like this intriguing journey you take your reader on…through the roller coaster with twelve thousand followers. Yet I see a fresh beautiful perception taking into account human conduct in all its shades. In all its beauty. In all its grey. You see all. You capture the brilliance. You speak what always makes me see things in an altogether new perspective.

Trying God’s PatienceJanuary 23, 2012 at 12:51 pmReply

Thank you! xo

Tina Rosetti SilvaJanuary 23, 2012 at 11:40 amReply

Always enjoy your words! FYI : the yellow print is realy hard to read….I could’t make it out.on my e-mail 🙁 Unless I really need to get new glasses!! lol

Trying God’s PatienceJanuary 23, 2012 at 12:51 pmReply

Sorry about the yellow – would have been hard to read on a white background for sure. (And it’s the best bit!) You’ll have to look at it online. xo