There’s nothing wrong with money – except your attitude to it.

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Wow!!  I know how challenging this will be for the ‘type’ of person that regularly reads my blog.  That ‘type’ being largely liberal, socially-minded, wanting to change the world, and probably more than a little miffed at the behaviour of the archetypal corrupt corporation, of which we seem to have many.

Many of us have, or have had, a view of money as something dirty, something to minimise in our lives; and indeed many of us have struggled financially.

Here’s the challenge – you’re poor because of that attitude.  And you justify your poverty in terms that make poverty a virtue and wealth a vice.


Okay, maybe that’s not all true.  But it got you right “there” just the same didn’t it?  “There” being that place that you’re going to defend your poverty from.  Hmmm?  And maybe tell me about the meek inheriting the earth, and so on – yeah?



So, how big is your vision?  And wouldn’t money help?  I’m sure it would.

Money is a tool.  It can be used for good and bad.  It’s one of the world’s “fuels”. Like food, it’s essential.  If you treat money or food badly, it’ll do harm.  If you eat too much, or if you eat too many doughnuts, you’ll be ill.  If your money creates evil, or almost worse: does nothing at all – your moral bank balance will be in the red.  If you use it for good, great.

Don’t get yourself caught up in drawing imaginary lines about what’s okay and what’s not – if you need a little retail therapy, you won’t be going to hell anymore than if you eat a cake of chocolate in one sitting occasionally.  Be reasonable with yourself.  We already talked about the negative messages you give yourself about so many things – let go the set of them that you have about money.  (I just know it’s a whole set.)

You think Mother Teresa did what she did without money?  She raised millions to do what she does, and still lived modestly herself.


Wow – that’s harsh!

Well, aren’t you being pretty harsh on yourself?

Don’t take this to heart too much – the post above is deliberately provocative.  It’s not there for you to slap yourself with, like all those other negative judgments you have of yourself.

I’ve no doubt you wish to serve others.  To do that you will need money.  And to get money, remember the Law of Attraction – if you think poorly of money, you won’t make any.  If you look upon money as a vital tool with which you can weave your own special magic in the world, then you will begin to attract more of it to you.

Love money, and it will love you.

Sue xo

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John RichardsonDecember 5, 2012 at 8:12 pmReply

Money is power and power corrupts. Some more than others and perhaps some not much at all, but it does come with risk. On the other hand poverty is evil. Money represents stored labor and should always be respected. Both in how it’s earned and used. I remember asking one of my sponsors in my church youth group, who was also a minister, if it was good for a Christian to be wealthy. His response was, “Yes, because you can use that wealth to help others.” Dangers aside, if you ever find yourself in a postion where you can’t feed and clothe yourself or those you love, provide shelter when it’s needed, education or medical care at a critical time, if you survive, you will curse yourself for your sloth and failure to take advantage of the opportunites you know you;ve missed. Make sure you know who you are and do your dead leve best not to let money change your basic values that make you who you are. And, may fortune smile on you!

Trying God’s PatienceDecember 5, 2012 at 11:13 pmReply

Thanks, JR. Wonderful, as always. xoxo

windinnDecember 6, 2012 at 2:53 amReply

Love this post, Sue, and love your response, JR – both put the issue and our response to it very clearly.