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“We may liken truth to a mountain, and the various interpretations of that truth to different paths leading up to the summit.  Many people are travelling along these paths, and everyone while he is at the bottom thinks his path is the only one…”

Max Heindel was a mystic of sorts, born into the German nobility but suffering some considerable deprivation following his move to the United States in the early twentieth century.

I have learned that there is no path of less value than that trodden by the person professing his or hers to be the only one, since for a start I know the Summit necessarily recognises all paths to It.

The Summit knows that at Its level, there is no longer any right or wrong, just the time it takes to get to It, and the whether we have chosen for ourselves a particularly obstacle-ridden path, or a more straightforward one.

Since it is the journey to the Summit, as much as arriving, we have the opportunity to inhale more fully the beauty of the mountain, by visiting other paths from time to time, perhaps even discovering another we’d like to travel a while.

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Karen PickardAugust 15, 2012 at 8:41 pmReply

Thank you for sharing such wonderful beauty and truth. I appreciate you.