Meditate Profoundly

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The power that underlies all things in the Universe – whether you think of that as Light, Love, God, Energy or the Divine – gives us life, health and abundance.

When we connect with that power – or with He/She – then we come in contact with unending grace, generosity, forgiveness and love, and we refresh our own capacity to manifest those same virtues in our own lives.

There is no more important task each day than to pray, meditate, deeply relax; to put aside thought, and to ‘connect’.

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Win DinnAugust 11, 2012 at 12:13 amReply

Whether one connects through immersion in nature, creating with one’s hands, the practice of yoga, or traditional prayer or meditation, that connection is what will keep us sane and filled with joy in difficult times. Thank you for the beautiful reminder.