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Meditation as a path to Peace, part I

TweetBy way of introduction, a potted history of my own changing beliefs and views on the Universe. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t believe in God; when I was very little I often dreamed of flying around the skies with God; when I was a young teenager it was my mother’s wish in…


Waking Up

TweetI have fallen for Anthony de Mello: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_de_Mello Few people will consistently learn to operate at a higher level of consciousness than asleep, the level they’re born with.  Waking Up isn’t actually so easy. I have learnt that the simplest, most effective key is to open your heart, for which you must ask the assistance of God,…


Meditate Profoundly

TweetThe power that underlies all things in the Universe – whether you think of that as Light, Love, God, Energy or the Divine – gives us life, health and abundance. When we connect with that power – or with He/She – then we come in contact with unending grace, generosity, forgiveness and love, and we…