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The Amazing You!

TweetWhen we start letting go of the negative thoughts and judgments we have about ourselves (and others), not only can we have more energy to focus on the positive, but in fact we must fill up this new space.  A void created by departing negative thoughts will quickly refill with new ones – not to mention…


Global Citizenship

TweetA word in favour of contribution. Whether or not you think in terms of your vision being global or local, designed to impact the lives of others or just your own, everything you do does impact globally, and does impact the lives of others. I love the theory of the butterfly effect, which you can…


Obstacles to clarifying and implementing our Vision and Purpose

Tweet99.9% of obstacles to being able to develop and implement our Vision and Purpose, are in our head. We are our own worst enemies.  And conveniently, we generally choose to blame a lot of other things and people and events. Our most common self-imposed obstacles: Over-thinking – many of us think waaaaaay to much, and in the…